About Travel Network Inc. Ltd.

Founded in 1993, Travel Network Inc. Ltd. (TN) is an IATA appointed Travel Agency which has focused on providing travel service excellence to the corporate and institutional market of Trinidad & Tobago in an effort to establish long term client relationships. Having worked alongside large and small local, regional and multinational organizations, Travel Network has accumulated a wealth of experience that allows for a keen understanding of the nature of such travel.

Our dedicated staff pride themselves with a reputation of professionalism and a commitment to high customer service standards which have translated into consistent annual growth lead by strong sales. This volume of sales has positioned us as one of the top ten Travel Agencies amongst the major airlines operating in Trinidad & Tobago. For our customers’ convenience, we offer two (2) locations: the main office which is located at 9 Colville Street Woodbrook (customer parking available) and the branch office located at the corner of Cochrane and Eastern Main road Tunapuna.


Corporate Travel
Individual Travel
Group Travel Planning
Tobago Ferry Bookings
Pre-seating on flights where
Vacation Packages
European & North American
Coach Tours
Car Rental
Hotel Accommodation
Special Meal Requests
Wheelchair Requests
Unaccompanied Minor Requests
Assistance with completing the
US Visa Application Form

Before You Travel

Travel Documents And Health Requirements

It is important that you check all passport, visa and health requirements before you travel. Certain countries require your passport to be valid for a period of 3 months to 6 months beyond your intended stay. Check whether or not a visa or vaccination is required for the countries that you plan to visit.


Your first and last name in your reservation must match the names in your passport.

Baggage Allowance

Please reconfirm with one of our agents, the necessary baggage allowance accepted by the airline by which you plan to travel.

Frequent Flyer Account Number

If you are a member of an airline’s frequent flyer program, please give this information to one of our agents to record on your flight reservations.

Seat Assignments

Some airlines offer free pre-seating once ticketed, while others charge a fee if you require a seat number confirmation earlier that 24hrs. prior to your departure date.

Web Check-in

Most airlines allow you to web check-in 24hrs prior to your departure.

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